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Specialist Disability enabled access vehicles

Certain vehicles in our fleet are equipped with advanced hydraulic wheelchair lifts for enhanced accessibility.

Positioned at the rear, these lifts effortlessly raise wheelchairs of all sizes into the main cabin, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for disabled passengers alongside other guests. Additionally, our vehicles can be adjusted to accommodate different configurations of wheelchair and seated passengers.

Upon reaching your destination, the process of unloading the passenger and wheelchair takes just a few minutes, allowing you to seamlessly proceed with your outing. There are so many occasions when this form of transport is necessary.

Disabled accessible vehicles are needed on various occasions to ensure inclusivity and accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. Some common occasions where our vehicles are required include:


Family outings or events

When a family member or friend with a disability is part of a gathering or event, using a disabled accessible vehicle ensures they can join the occasion comfortably and safely.


Work-related transportation

Accessible vehicles may be required to provide transportation for employees or clients with disabilities to and from their workplaces, business meetings or conferences.

Theatre or restaurant

Social outings

Whether it’s a trip to a park, a restaurant, a theatre, or any other social gathering, our disabled accessible vehicles enable people with disabilities to participate in social activities.

Sight seeing

Tourism and sightseeing

Accessible vehicles are vital in the tourism industry to enable people with disabilities to explore and enjoy various tourist attractions many of which are now accessible.

In essence, disabled accessible vehicles play a crucial role in promoting inclusivity, ensuring equal opportunities for people with disabilities, and enabling them to be part of various activities and occasions in their daily lives. We are very proud that we have first class vehicles, with qualified drivers that can allow this to happen with no fuss and plenty of comfort for all concerned.

If you would like to know if we can meet your requirements for this service please do get in touch.