Sports Trips


From football to rugby, polo to athletics, we can provide the transport for sports trips to all of the popular UK sporting locations. Whether you are going as a spectator or player we can cater for your needs. We have plenty of luggage space for kit bags etc.

As with all of our services, each outing is tailored around your group’s requirements to ensure that your trip is as memorable as possible.

Social Group Outings

social-group-outingsSocial outings are something that we have a lot of experience with. We regularly take large groups to many different social occasions. We make sure that everybody gets to the destination feeling ready to have an enjoyable time. At the end of the evening everyone is dropped off safely.

Popular services provided include skittles team outings, residential home outings, Senior Citizen trips, group holidays, in fact any kind of social occasion that you can imagine.

Shopping Outings

shopping-outingsThe real advantage for you, when using us for shopping trips, is the huge amount of storage space you get in our vehicles. Not only is the general storage hold big enough for even the most over-packed guests but each seat has ample overhead storage for additional gifts or souvenirs.

With Knight Brothers Travel, extra luggage does not mean we compromise on comfort. Even when fully loaded, each passenger still has plenty of leg room and a free open passageway to make their way down the vehicle without being hindered by bags and ruck-sacks.